Tech Outreach

techoutreach-partners-logo5The TECH Outreach Malaysia (“TECH”) program was brought to Malaysia in 2004 by Dr. Selvamalar Ayadurai (Dr. A. S. Malar), an Entrepreneurship Consultant, who has worked closely with women from the war-torn zone in North-East Sri Lanka. Otherwise known as “The Economic Consultancy House”, TECH is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered with the Registrar of Companies and Registrar of Societies. TECH specifically targets disadvantaged communities in Malaysia and other parts of the world that require socio-economic and technological development.

TECH aims to transform, enhance and cultivate the elements imperative to championing the ‘self-sustainability pursuit’ in disadvantaged communities. TECH believes in helping communities tap into their potential and helping them transform themselves through entrepreneurial proactiveness, risk-taking and innovation. It is within this framework of vision that TECH has adopted the famous “Grameen Micro-Credit Financing” Model by Professor Muhammad Yunus, in transforming communities.

Some of the income generating projects and activities conducted to enhance the model within the communities include the construction of roads, toilets and tube wells in the villages, animal husbandry, dairy farming, vegetable farming, poultry farming, setting up medical clinics in the villages, solar panel projects, income generation activities, technical training for young adults at the Technical Training Institute, entrepreneurship and leadership training for women entrepreneurs.

Bethel Community Centre has partnered with TECH, to offer our assistance in promoting and directing any needy women with a business idea or ‘income generating project’ to the resources that are available in TECH. We share TECH’s belief that this model is one of the key components needed to break the cycle or depravity and poverty in the community, starting with the women in each family.

With this partnership, BCC hopes to transform communities, by helping them help themselves.

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