Migrant Ministry Klang (MMK)

mmkl-partners-logo3MMK Malaysia was founded in 2002 as a non-profit non-governmental organisation focusing on migrants living in the Klang area. Over the years, MMK has reached out to refugees throughout Malaysia. Many of these people leave their country because of racial or religious reasons, political allegiances or social-economic reasons. Sometimes the decision to leave is also prompted by the devastating effects of natural disasters such as the earthquakes, tsunamis, famines and droughts. Other times, as resources become scarce, these migrants migrate to areas where they can find relief from their poverty.

Many migrants gravitate to Malaysia because they see our country as a beacon of hope. But often times they are forgotten and rarely treated as our equals. They are voiceless and have no one who will stand in their corner.

MMK’s work involves empowering refugees through skills development programs, sourcing legal employment for these refugees, providing free medical health services for the poor, and also sporting activities to provide a break from the mundane jobs many of these refugees do. This also provides an opportunity for healthy recreation and interaction amongst certain ethnic groups. These bonds of friendship are often times essential especially in situation where these individuals come from a violent or warring nation.

A large number of these refugees and migrants are children who through no fault of their own, do not have essential documentation such as birth certificates and identification cards and cannot be registered into schools.
MMK provides these children with education, from kindergarten until Form 6. Most of the teachers of the school are volunteers. The school is completely reliant on donor aid to meet their general expenses.
Bethel is partnering with MMK in its work among the children and has committed to sponsoring the 3 kindergarten classes comprising 84 children and their 6 teachers. Bethel has also sponsored a brand new 15-seater van to help with the transportations needs of the children.

Bethel hopes that this partnership will bear more fruit in the years to come.


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