Global Street Mission (GSM)

gsm-partners-logo5GSM is an established non-profit, non-governmental registered organisation which aims to alleviate poverty by reaching out to the downtrodden and marginalized in society.

They have been working on rebuilding lives from the bottom up for over 18 years primarily in the Klang Valley. The majority of GSM’s work involves dealing with the homeless people, people sold into prostitution and victims of substance abuse.

They have set up many night shelters, rehabilitation centres and orphanages.



Below are some of the centres they are currently operating:-

(1)    GSM Eagle’s Land Broga Men’s Rehabilitation Center, Semenyih For Male Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and H.I.V. Infected People;
(2)    GSM Sarah’s Inn Women’s Rehabilitation Center, Kuala Lumpur;
(3)    Half-Way House for Destitute People, Kuala Lumpur;
(4)    GSM Precious Children’s Home, Petaling Jaya Home for the Abused, Destitute and Neglected Children;
(5)    GSM Precious Youth Home, Petaling Jaya Home for the Rebellious & Delinquent Youth;
(6)    GSM Rumah Tersayang, Home for the Elderly;
(7)    GSM Men’s Phase 2 Center Phase 2 Men’s Alcoholics and Drug Addicts Center;
(8)    GSM Men’s Phase 3 Home for Center ‘Graduates’;
(9)    GSM Working Phase Home for Skills Development / Enhancement;
(10)    Street Outreach Feeding Program Day Care Shelter and Night Shelter Providing Meals, Counseling, Bathing and Resting Facility For The Street People In Kuala Lumpur;
(11)    J’s Corner Mobile Night Feeding Program For The Destitute, Transvestites And Prostitutes In Kuala Lumpur;
(12)    GSM Eagle’s Land II Sg. Petani Men’s Drug Rehabilitation Center, Kedah;
(13)    GSM Precious Children’s Home 2, Sg. Petani, Kedah > Home for the Abused, Destitute and Neglected Children; and
(14)    GSM Eagle’s Land Penang – Men’s Drug Rehabilitation Center.

GSM are completely reliant on donor aid. They do not receive any funding from government bodies or organizations neither do they charge any fees to take in many homeless and destitute people. Instead, GSM expend money to pay for special care fees at these various centres if there are peculiar needs, for example, where the victims are disabled.

A unique characteristic of GSM which distinguishes them from other organisations is that they do not give up on these victims even though they fail to assimilate into society or suffer from multiple relapses. They do not turn the victims away solely on the basis that it is difficult to care for them. The only time these victims are directed to another facility is if they become a danger to the other victims at the centre. Additionally, GSM also takes a keen interest in the families of the victims where the problem often emanates from. This approach has seen many homeless and destitute people receive a second chance at life and many of these renewed individuals chose to work with GSM and stand as testimony of their work.

Bethel is partnering with GSM in their work amongst the homeless and destitute. We jointly hosted the Chow Kit Christmas Street Party where for one night, instead of begging for their survival, the homeless were treated as guests of honour at a banquet with band performances and gift packs provided irrespective of colour, creed or religion. The event was a success with over 700 homeless and destitute people in attendance.

Bethel is also partnering with GSM in a Night Shelter in PJ Old Town where many homeless people sleep in shopfronts. This Night Shelter provides shelter, hot meals, bathing facilities and a safe place to sleep for the night. The premise has been made available through the kind generosity of the Leela Ratos Group.

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