The Bethel team has been scouting for sponsors and donors to support our charitable projects which primarily target the needs of the poor and underprivileged. After approaching various companies and organizations, we are glad to announce that Fung Keong Shoe Factory has stepped up to meet one of those needs. On 13.06.2015, Fung Keong Sdn Bhd made a generous donation of 913 brand new pairs of shoes to BCC to be distributed to the needy in our community.

The donation of shoes included a range of different shoe sizes to meet the needs of both the young and old. We are also touched by the fact that the shoes donated are of the highest quality.

As always, the Bethel team endeavors to ensure that donations ultimately benefit the underprivileged members of our community. We have reached out to many different organizations and have now identified certain organizations which are in desperate need of new shoes. We have donated a majority of the shoes to the following organizations:-

  • Migrant Ministry Klang (that currently educates more than 450 migrant and refugee children);
  • Global Street Mission (that reaches out to the street people in Chow Kit and also runs rehab centres, shelters and orphanages);
  • Grace Community Services (that has a centre for the destitute, Rumah KIDS for orphaned and neglected children, Grace Centre for the alcoholics and drug addicts and Food Bank for the poor), ; and
  • Home of Peace (an orphanage for young girls).

Some of these organizations deal with children who have been abandoned and orphaned as babies. Others deal with the homeless and destitute ‘street people’ who have been using the same clothes (if any) for years. These impoverished people no longer have to wear old makeshift sandals breeding with bacteria or walk on painful sores.

These shoes were also gifted to the ‘stateless children’ who are migrant and refugee children who do not have citizenship nor the essential documents needed to enter the government’s educational or healthcare facilities.

To some, donations of this nature may seem like a small act of kindness, but to the poor this gesture may be one of the greatest gifts they have received in their lifetime and for that we would like to give our special thanks once again to Fung Keong Sdn Bhd and all their representatives, to Mr Michael Gomez who was instrumental in securing this generous donation from Fung Keong, Mr Yogandran Aruliah, Mr Keith Ganesan, Mr Darren and Mr Adrian for taking time off from work to assist in the collection, transportation and distribution of the shoes.

More than 95% of the Bethel team assist in advancing the vision of BCC (Bethel Community Centre) as unpaid volunteers, and sometimes, often at their own cost. Yet we find that we are the ones who receive the greater blessing and a renewed perspective on life.

If you would like to be a part of our team, kindly contact us on, +603 6207 9777 or +601 74 1010 75

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