On 24 August 2014 the memorandum of understanding (MoU) was officially signed between BCC (Bethel Community Centre) and GSM (Global Street Mission) to collaborate and harness resources in working amongst the poor.

One of GSM’s work is a night shelter in Chow Kit where the homeless are provided with a meal and place to sleep for the night. This is especially appreciated during the rainy seasons when most homeless people are often drenched by the rain leading to sickness and sometimes death.

On 28 November 2014 BCC’s team, comprising Dr Caroline, Keith Ganesan, Vincent Raj and Rajaram made a visit to the Chow Kit Shelter shelter. Prior to the visit the Bethel team collected toiletries and basic essentials such as clothes, bars of soap, toothbrushes, etc to contribute to this program.  The team met with the homeless, counselled several and shared a meal together.

We began to understand the trials and difficulties these street people face on a daily basis. They are often extorted by gangsters and can go for days without food or proper shelter. They also shared with us their life before they became homeless. Quite a number of them are well educated but a sudden turn of events left them on the streets.

Seeing the blessing this night shelter is to these homeless people made us consider opening a similar shelter in Petaling Jaya where there is also a growing homeless community. We are glad to announce that we have recently secured a building for this purpose at Old Town Petaling Jaya. We are also scouting for sponsors to donate beds, tables and other essential items for this night shelter in Petaling Jaya. This night shelter will offer shelter, food and counseling to these homeless people with the hope that they are eventually rehabilitated and able to assimilate back into society.

Last year Bethel Community Centre collaborated with GSM to host the Christmas Street Party where an average of 700 street people showed up for a banquet dinner. We gave out gifts, bags with basic essentials containing a toothbrush, tooth paste, small towel, a bar of soap, and provided food and entertainment.

The event was so impactful that BCC (Bethel Community Centre) plans to collaborate once again with GSM (Global Street Missions) as the co-host for the annual street party held for the street people which will be held on the 12.12.2015.

If you would like to be involved in any of our projects or events, please contact us at coordinator@bethelcommunitycentre.com, +603 6207 9777, +601 74 1010 75

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