The Bethel team is glad to announce that we have joined hands with another charitable organization, the MMK (Migrant Ministry Klang) Malaysia headed by Mr Andrew Ng. This organization focuses on addressing the problem of ‘stateless children’ who do not have essential documentation such as birth certificates either because they were simply never registered or because they are migrant or refugee children fleeing persecution or economic struggles in their country of origin. Without these basic documents, they are refused entry into schools, government departments and even hospitals.

MMK Malaysia saw the need to keep these children off the streets and to provide them with quality education. The children are brought to the MMK school in Klang from Monday to Friday, provided with breakfast and lunch and taught by caring volunteers or part time teachers.

The school is completely reliant on donor aid to meet their general expenses. Their work has been so impactful that they have received recognition by the UNHCR as the school with one of the most diverse student population as their aim is to help those children whatever the background, who cannot enter the local schools.

The Bethel team met with the MMK team and went for a visit to the school to observe various classes in session. The school currently has more than 400 registered children. We interviewed several teachers and students, went through their syllabus and school books and generally checked out the overall running of the school and students.  After verifying for ourselves the impact we have decided to sponsor and cover the expenses of 3 kindergarten classes (84 children) and their 6 teachers and to raise funds to help address any urgent need the school may have.

In a meeting with Dato’ Jerald, Andrew mentioned that one of their most pressing needs is for more vans. With their limited vehicles, the vans have to make multiple trips and often the children have to wait a few hours to get home from school each day.  For instance, many of these school children have to walk several kilometers to reach the school. The Bethel team is currently working on raising funds to sponsor a van for the school.

On 19 June 2015, a group of 20 Bethel volunteers travelled to the school to treat the children and their teachers to lunch. Bethel secured sponsors for stationery, pencil cases, food, drinks, chocolates and biscuits for more than 420 children and teachers. We sponsored gift packs containing pencil cases filled with stationery as well as take-home lunch packs. Thank you to Dato’ Sree and Datin Tracey for the KFC lunch and to Michael Gomez or the chocolates and biscuits that the children enjoyed.

Many of the children stayed back after lunch to assist in the cleaning up and arrangement of tables and chairs. Each child’s story of how they ended up in Malaysia is different but not one of these stories is without tears. Despite the hardship and pain that they have endured, these children still have dreams and hopes and can still share a smile that warms your heart.

If you feel that this is a cause you would like to be involved in, kindly contact us at or +603 6207 9777 or +601 74 1010 75

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